Ночные мысли

Ночные мысли

1.The Law
Germans are living according to the law, but Russians are living
contrary to the law.

2.The essence of a man
Never think out the male behavior. If a man wants to do something, he does. If he does not want to do, he does not.
Therefore, do not incline yourself to obsessive thoughts that something interferes him to perform an action.

If he really wanted to do he would have done it.

3.A coward and a traitor. Difference
Once having betrayed you are a traitor forever.
Once having made a bold move you are not
a coward forever.

Graciousness is the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, of happiness over misery,

positive over negative and everything is always in the heart of a very modest and discreet

She loves Him. But not You. You proved Her your love many times. You gave Her the sea of flowers. All to no avail.

She treats You just like a good friend. But for a clever and resourceful man there is a way to change the situation.

Put him in such a position where she could see all his insignificance.

Contempt is the best medicine against of loving the wrong person.


Monogamous is a type of «dinosaur» who managed not to die out but in small quantity to survive until the present day.

8 .About life
The more we are in a hurry, the less we are in time.
The more we skimp, the less money left.
The more we have common sense, the less we have happiness.

This is a beautiful flower of soul that has been grown on the soil saturated with spirituality,

beauty and wealth. It is generating such the qualities of character as morality, dedication, honesty and openness.

When you are looking at me with such adoration and thinking that every my word is original, then I feel I can be original and create something extraordinary.

Cowardice is obedience to fear. A coward is controlled by the death.

12.The depth
I never will appreciate the depth of your heart and whether it is
as I have passed through the shallow water.

13.Past relationships
Why did I stop our relationships?
Because you are a wingless Angel…

I would like to tell you: «Thank you very much, as only with you I understood properly

what the natural happy is.» It’s а pity this knowledge has not done me happier.

15. Parting
Parting, it is like the rust, that gets into all parts of your body and destroys it.
It is unknown disgusting substance that permeates into all your entity filling you with the sense of death.
Then you are looking to the sky with the last hope, and forming
a favorite image from clouds that calms you.
And you believe that sooner or later you will meet.

16. Evening and Morning
In the evening I met a noble man. In the morning I woke up with a lustful Satyr.

17.For YOU
I am planting marvelous roses in the garden of your heart
to make your life beautiful and comfortable.
But they have sharp and dangerous spikes which hurt you sometimes.

If the whole world loves you but the woman you love doesn’t, you will be unhappy.

19. YOU and HE
YOU are so sweet and welcoming, you look like a dream of happiness.
HE is so hard that I’m afraid to come closer to him.
YOU always promise, but never fulfill your promises.
HE never promises but always tries to help.
If I call YOU: «Please, come», — YOU do not pay attention to my request.
If I call him, HE is quickly near, so why have I chosen YOU? Am I wrong?

20.YOU and ME

You hung me over the precipice and I was terrified, staring into its abyss.

21.I love you!
I love you, the SUN! Every evening I tell you: «Good bye» , — and go to bed being calm as know I will see your rising in the morning. You are so reliable! I love you, the SUN, when you are playing by your long dulcet and loving fingers with my body, tired of the long and cold winter and looking straight to my face as if to say : «Try to be similar to me. Keep nothing bad in your heard!» You give life everyone absolutely selflessly. Why we, people, are so mercenary!
You often look happy and quiet and great work is inside you. But sometimes you are unhappy with us then black spots appear on your surface and high speed sunny wind from coronal holes are flowing and carrying magnetic storms on the earth.

22. The main symptom of a man
A man who has made at least one woman happy.
(I mean, not once, but forever).

23. Advantages and Disadvantages
If you carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of a loved one, then your qualities will be the mirror images. In other words, all the way around.

24. Nature of love
Sexuality is a match that lights the love, but spirituality is the woods which support its burning

25. My enemy
Your eyes are the brightest…
Your smile is the widest…
Your lips are the sweetest…
Your hands are the warmest…
Your body is the closest…
But you are my enemy. Why? Nobody knows. Only me.
Because I am afraid of drowning into your quagmire.

One day a big black vampire had come to my home in the image of an angel

and had pierced my heart with his sharp poisonous teeth.
He had been drinking my blood for the long time.
I was loosing and loosing my strength.
Finally, I tore him away.
My whole body was covered with scars from his bites.

But my strength came back to me and I can sing and dance again.

27.Great love
Great love often produces the biggest disappointment

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